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Heartland Turf and Landscape uses a premium 100% chipped hardwood mulch for all of our projects unless another mulch is requested.  For most people, there seems to be little difference between varieties besides color.  However, this is far from the truth.  Here is a brief explanation of the differences and why our premium mulch is the better option that the more commonly used shredded hardwood/softwood blend.


Step by Step Guide for a Perfect Lawn in Kansas City

At the risk of sounding pompous, I want to tell you about a situation I often find myself in with my neighbors.  My lawn is one of the best, if not the best, in the neighborhood. I wouldn’t be representing my company very well if it weren’t. But really, I just enjoy having a beautiful lawn.

Often, passing neighbors will ask me how I keep it looking so good. Unfortunately, the answer is a bit long for an “over-the-fence” discussion and is certainly too much for anyone to remember by the time they’re home from walking their dog.  So, I decided that it would be a good idea to write up a description of how I maintain my lawn. Then I realized that my clients could benefit from it too!


Proper watering after lawn seeding in Kansas City, Leawood and Overland Park.

Hey everyone. Brett Jackson here with Heartland Turf. I wanted to give you some quick instructions on how to water the yard after we’ve seeded or renovated. Any time that we seed the yard, it’s critical that we water properly to get great results. Here are some basics for proper watering after seeding. 

In the beginning, we need to keep the surface damp constantly. If that seed begins to germinate and grow, and then it dries out, then it can easily kill it. It’s really susceptible to dying at that point, so we can’t allow it to dry out after we’ve begun watering.


Kansas City Mosquito Control

Hi everyone, Brett here. We get a lot of questions about our mosquito control, so I just want to take a minute to answer some of the more common questions.

One of the first and best things that you can do to eliminating mosquitoes around your property is to get rid of all the standing water. Pretty much everybody knows that they breed and multiply in standing water. That’s one of the best things that you can do.


Professional Lawn Care in Kansas City

Hi. My name is Sam Jackson. I’m one of the owners of Heartland Turf and Landscape, along with my brother, Brett. We want to tell you about a few of the reasons why we think you should choose Heartland Turf and Landscape to be your lawn care service provider.

First of all, quality. Now, of course, everyone touts their quality, talks about what a great quality job they do. So of course, we do a great quality job. We started our lawn care business fifteen years ago. We service Leawood, Overland Park, Prairie Village, Olathe, Lenexa, Johnson County, and other surrounding areas in Kansas City.  We’ve had customers that have been with us that entire fifteen years. You don’t keep customers for fifteen years if you don’t do a great quality job.


Heartland Turf & Landscape Launches New Website to Improve Their Customer Service.

Heartland has been offering quality lawn care services at affordable prices to our community for a long time now, and the one thing we have learned, is that customer service is just as important as the lawn care services we offer. Heartland goes above and beyond to ensure our customers are happy with our work, and now we are making it easier to request and pay for services you need.


Can Lawn Care Actually Increase the Value of Your Home by Increasing it’s Curb Appeal?

Start taking care of your lawn and landscape now, and it will become an easy and affordable process to keep it in order all year long. If you hire the right Lawn Care and Landscape Company, they may even give you a lawn so nice, that you won’t want to sell your home in the first place. But should the day come that you do decide to sell, you will be pleasantly surprised to find the value of your home is likely to be greater than you expected.


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You must be Absolutely Delighted with our services! If for ANY REASON you feel you're not Absolutely 100% Happy with our work, I won't be happy either! That means I will not rest until we Make It Right. I will immediately send my team to fix the problem, no questions asked. If it's still not good enough, We'll Refund Your Money. That's how strongly I believe you'll love what we do. Let us prove it to you!

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