Spray weeds in the fall for a beautiful lawn in the spring

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Hey, this is Sam Jackson with heartland turf and landscape and I'm here with a tip on how to create a much more weed-free lawn next spring and summer. So we're in fall here we're getting to the end of September. Not a lot of people know that there's a lot of weeds that you typically don't notice until the spring, they're actually germinating now. So your common ones like dandelion, everyone's familiar with that henbit chickweed. Those are actually germinating. Now they're going to sprout, they're going to turn into just a little tiny, usually no bigger than the size of a dime, little sprouts. That will overwinter in your lawn, they'll go dormant, and then next spring, they're going to start growing like crazy once the temperatures warm back up, so you can actually treat for them now. What we recommend if you're not going to use one of our programs, and you want to try to do it yourself. There are all kinds of options in your big box stores. What I like is the ones that can screw to the end of your hose and you just go around the yard and spray the yard. Make sure you follow the label instructions. When you do that. You want to make sure that you're putting the proper amounts down using the proper rates. doing it in a proper time to get the most effective results. But the point is, spray your lawn with a fall broadleaf weed spray, you're gonna see a much more weed-free lawn next spring. So tip of the day. Hope you enjoyed it. Thanks bye.

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