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Common FAQ's

How do you determine my lawn's size?

We use a specialized technology available to us that allows us to see your properties dimensions online.

How can I reach you if I have additional questions about my lawn or services?

We can be reached either at or call (913)-238-9278. These will reach our office directly so you can get your question answered in a timely manner.

How often will you visit my lawn?

This, of course, depends on which services you’ve requested. If you’ve signed up for our Fertilization & Weed Control treatment program we will provide 7 treatments over the course of six visits. Our grub control and summer fertilizer are provided during the same visit. On average, we’ll visit your lawn every 5-6 weeks.

I've tried to grow my own grass and I haven't had any success. Is my soil incapable of growing a nice looking lawn?

Soil problems are real and can cause issues. Low soil pH is common and can hinder grass growth but is often combined with a multitude of other factors such as heavy shade, surface tree roots, compacted soil, or inadequate watering. Soil pH tests can be done to see if any correction is needed and we can help diagnose any other underlying problems in order to get your lawn thick and lush.

I have some spare fertilizer and weed control products. Should I apply those to my lawn as well for added effect?

No, trust us as the professionals we have put together a specific treatment program to produce the best results in your lawn. You may even end up harming your lawn or lessening the affects of our program by using your own products.

You treated our lawn a little while ago and most of the weeds died, but there are a few left. What should I do?

While our weed control will kill most, if not all, weeds it is possible a few could be left due to different factors. If you see this feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to arrange a time to stop by and treat those weeds at no additional charge.

How long should I wait to cut my grass after treatment?

Every one of our treatments on our regular program, and all of our insect control treatments are unaffected by lawn mowing and you can mow immediately after our application. However, if you use our nutsedge weed control, please wait at least 24 hours after treatment to cut the grass. We’ll send you an email immediately upon completion of a treatment that will include specific instructions on how to get the best results out of each visit.

If you have any other questions, Feel free to give us a Call!

We Guarantee You’ll Love Our Services!

You must be absolutely delighted with our services! If for ANY REASON you feel you’re not absolutely 100% happy with our work, I won’t be happy either! That means I will not rest until we make it right. I will immediately send my team to fix the problem, no questions asked. If it’s still not good enough, we’ll refund your money. That’s how strongly I believe you’ll love what we do. Let us prove it to you!

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