How to water grass seed

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Hey, it's Sam Jackson here with Heartland Turf and Landscape and got an irrigation system controller behind me here. And getting this setup. we've planted some seed here and getting the sprinklers set up to water the seed properly as it germinates and starts to mature. So, but I'm not necessarily going to go into the details of how to set it up on the controller because there are so many different controllers yours isn't going to match this one need to refer to your owner's manual for how to set it up. But I'm going to give you the principles of you're going to the guidelines are going to try to follow in terms of what type of water you're setting up. So when you first plant your grass seed, you're going to want to have it watered. The general idea is to keep it damp throughout for the first 14 days. So generally we recommend watering it three times a day, morning, afternoon and evening. And for about five or 10 minutes. The general idea is you want it to remain damp so that if a cycle the midday cycle is about to turn on but the yard is already bone dry at that point, then your morning cycle needs to be adjusted. Need to water a little bit more so that by the time the next cycle turns on, it's already damp and it's rewetting the lawn to make sure it stays damp and the same thing with the evening one. If you get to the evening and the lawn has dried out and before that evening cycle turns on, then you need to adjust your midday cycle a little bit longer. So constant dampness I always like to relate it to the grade school science experiment where you take a damp towel paper towel, you place a seat in it and put it in a Ziploc bag and then wash the seeds start to sprout and grow with little root Well if you open up that bag with that paper towel dry out, that seed dies immediately and it's no different with your lawn. So if it starts to sprout and then maybe you miss a day or two of watering and the lawn dries out that seed that ceiling with its minuscule root is going to dry up and die and once that happens, no amount of watering is going to bring it back again. So for the first two weeks needs to stay damp at the after the first couple of weeks you should have half an inch to two-inch tall sprouts. At that point generally, it can tolerate being watered once a day. We recommend water in the morning just before sunrise. So it really soaks in but a regular watering where you water the entire lawn 15 to 20 minutes, once a day. So that's still a pretty high watering rate as per normal just maintenance but you got to keep in mind it is still pretty young, so it does require a good bit of water. We generally recommend watering that once a day cycle until you have your irrigation system winterized. mid to late October. That once if you follow that watering schedule, you should see pretty good results from your seeding. I will say that watering is, of course, the most important thing here, of course, good seed and proper technique is important but no matter how well the seed is planted if it is not properly watered it that it will not be a successful seeding job. So keep that in mind. Hope you've enjoyed these tips here and thanks a lot for watching.