Lawn Disease and Fungicide

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Hey, it's Brett Jackson with Heartland Turf. I'm making some rounds today and I'm noticing that it is pretty warm out. And this is right on the heels of lots of rain that we've had. And what that means is we're going to start seeing quite a bit of turf diseases popping up in these nice green yards that most of you currently have right now. But with the warm weather, and lots of humid weather and rain that we've had, we're definitely gonna start seeing some some lawn disease, which is a fungus. And fungus likes warm temperatures. Usually we start seeing the most common one, which is brown patch, we start seeing that when nighttime temperatures get over 70 degrees and so for our customers that have had issues with in the past, or right now as we as I speak Anyways, we're putting down a fungicide to prevent that from happening. And our preventative rounds. It takes three treatments per year to make sure that it doesn't creep back up but it lasts basically June, July and August which is three months that brown patch and other turf diseases really can damage yards and that prevents you from having to overseed in the fall and have other issues and just have a bad look in the yard throughout the season. So if you have any questions if you want any help with trying to prevent fungus in your yard, give us a call. Thanks

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