Overseeding Series - Part 6 - 31 days out

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Hey folks, Sam Jackson here, again, we're checking in on the overseeding that we've done. It's been about four weeks now. And I've been making weekly videos keeping track of the progress. So they turn the camera around. And, again, as a reminder, this left side is our full service overseeding. The right side is an aeration and seed only, we can start to see, here's a great example of why we don't recommend doing this service in the spring. You know, this example that I'm doing, of course, is just to kind of show the progress of the process. But again, we're already starting to see lots of different weeds quite hard to tell. We got some crabgrass all throughout all that light yellow tall stuff is like a bunch of nutsedge. And unfortunately, with this with this young grass, we can't, we don't want to stress this young grass by putting weed killer on the on the grass, so you just kind of have to let the weeds grow in at the same time as as the grass is growing, if you're planting seed in the spring anyway, in the fall, there's way less weed seeds being distributed, you know, just in the environment, and that are going to take root. So we see a way way lower incidence of weeds developing in the seated areas when we see it in the fall. But other than that, and then turn this camera around again. Other than that, it's it's looking pretty good. It's coming in Well, this is probably just about tall enough to where it can have it constant its first month so probably in the next few days here. I'll mow it for the first time, we're going to mow it at about three inches. And that will also help it kind of start to mature and thicken up a little bit more but it's already looking great so far. So that's it. That's the update. And I'll have enough another update for everybody next week. hope everyone's enjoying this wonderful weather that we're having and hope you're learning something new from these videos and enjoying the videos. So take care and we'll have another video soon. Thanks bye

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