Importance of mowing at the proper height

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Hey, this is Sam Jackson with Heartland Turf and Landscape and I just got done checking out a client's property it was someone who has called us because they're having problems controlling the weeds and their lawn. And it got me thinking that this was something the tip that I can definitely pass on. That's easy to implement. So a lot of people don't underestimate the importance of proper mowing in the overall health of your lawn. This person's lawn, who I looked at was mowing as low as their mower setting would go and they were cutting it down just super short and they said because they didn't want it to get so long in between cuttings, and they're trying to just delay how often they have to cut, but that they were flustered that the lawn was full of weeds. So when you're ideally bluegrass and fine fescue turf grasses, they're the most common in our area. They like to be cut about three to three and a half inches, which is, you know, quite a bit longer. A lot of people think that you need to cut it down to like golf course heights, but three to three and a half inches actually creates a much healthier turf. And what it does, is it makes it so much more difficult for weed seeds to actually get established into your lawn and germinate and, and take over the lawn. So it creates its own weed prevention by being mowed at a taller height. And it's just overall healthier for the lawn. It helps cool the soil it helps retain moisture in the soil. So if you're if you've been mowing your lawn really short and you know super short as your mower will go take a tape measure and not set that thing up a couple of notches and measure underneath the deck from the ground on setting on a level sitting on a level service surface. And then measure what you know from the surface to your blades and make sure that you're not cutting any shorter than three inches at minimum, especially during the hot dry summer. You'll get much better results you'll have a much healthier lawn for it. Alright, take care

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