Seeding a lawn

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Hey everyone, it's Brett Jackson with Heartland Turf. We're out here seeding a yard today, you can see a couple of guys behind me doing a little bit of seeding as well as a verticutter. And what our seeding process entails is going over the entire yard. With a Berta cutter, two times two passes a seed, we use an air Raider, which plugs pulls plugs out of the ground loosens the soil, and creates more places for seed to get into. And then we hit the whole yard with fertilizer. And finally, anywhere that a tool or I'm sorry, anywhere that a machine can reach long edges in the corners or low spots, who will hit it with the Hand tool so that we make sure we get good coverage everywhere that our process includes going over the entire yard with inverted cutter one time. And then after that, we put down a pass of seed and so the seed will fall into those grooves as the verticutter made. And I'll show you that here in a second. And then we go over the entire yard again in a different direction with a verdict cutter. And that creates more holes but it also works the seed into the first slots that the first pass made. And then we put down another passive seed after that, and we get really good coverage. That way you get really good results. Of course, during those two passes, we usually have a guy doing running an air Raider and he'll put down on sorry, he'll run the whole yard with the air Raider, which opens up even more holes. Of course, like I said, and we put down fertilizer and hit the hand tools. Let me see if I can show you what some of these slots look like that the burner cutter makes. Their slots are only about an inch and a half apart. And it allows the seed to get below the surface. You can see one right here that might be kind of hard to see in the video. There's another one right here, but the continuous slots that open up the ground and allows the seed to get down below the surface. If there's a seed sitting on top, it won't generate or I'm sorry, it won't germinate. The seed just like any other seed has to be below the surface for it to grow. So that's the whole purpose of these machines get below the surface. Very cutters have these blades. On the underside of it actually scores the ground and kind of mixes up the soil which does a great job of getting good seed results and turns a yard that's kind of thin into something that's nice and thick and lush and beautiful. If you have any questions about it, let us know. Thanks

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