Don't bag grass clippings for a healthier lawn

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Hi, this is Sam Jackson with Heartland Turf and Landscape and I want to drop a little tip on everybody out there with regards to whether or not to bag your grass clippings when you mow your lawn. So, we actually do not bag our clippings unless, by special request, we do what's called mulch mowing or recycling mowing, where the grass clippings are just simply returned to the lawn to naturally decompose, which, like Several studies have shown can actually supply up to 40% of the lawns nitrogen requirements for an entire year if you're just simply returning the glass grass clippings to the lawn, letting them decompose, and it's also introducing more organic material to your lawn. There's a misconception it started years and years ago, that if you didn't back up your grass clippings, then you would get fat in your lawn. thatch is not actually grass clippings that is actually composed of the root system of the grass that gets sometimes can get too dense and too thick and matted. And that often happens for various reasons like not mowing often enough or mowing at the incorrect height. But just returning the grass clippings to the lawn to decompose does not actually create that it's actually super beneficial for your lawn. So that's my tip for today. If if you're tired of having to bag up the grass, just start just stop bagging it and you're actually going to be doing your lawn a huge favor. Alright. Take care.

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