Can Weekly Mowing Improve My Lawn?

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Lawn Mowing

The most fundamental of all lawn care services is lawn mowing. More important than simply mowing your lawn is how often your lawn is mowed. Heartland Turf & Landscape provides a top-quality weekly mowing service that is sure to give you the ideal lawn that you want. Mowing the lawn must be performed every single week in order to fully preserve and protect your turf. Any number of harmful factors can befall your lawn if weekly mowings are neglected, which is why we want to help you understand some of the ways a weekly lawn mowing routine can help!

Does Mowing Improve My Lawn’s Appearance?


Mowing your lawn regularly is probably the easiest way to keep it looking great. Lawns that do not get mowed frequently, or that get mowed on an irregular schedule, will not have the same curb appeal as a well maintained lawn that gets weekly trimmings. Even the color of your lawn can be affected by the frequency of mowings. See below for a few of the ways a weekly mowing routine can improve the look of your turf.

Uniform Growth

Weekly mowing means your grass will be encouraged to grow at the same rate all across your lawn. If you do not skip or neglect a week, your lawn will always maintain an even, lush appearance.

Uniform Color

When grass is maintained at a proper uniform height, each individual grass blade can absorb similar levels of sunlight and nutrition; this will help them all achieve the same healthy green color.

Uniform Texture

Grass blades regrow stronger each time they get mowed, and the weaker blades are overtaken by stronger grass. Routine mowings result in a similar thickness for all grass blades.

Does It Improve My Lawn’s Health?

Lawn Health

Cutting the grass every week is not just a matter of aesthetics. Many harmful situations can present themselves if your lawn misses even one week of a scheduled mowing routine. Of course, the longer you wait between mowings, the worse these issues will become. Mowing your lawn consistently can help prevent certain issues, and it can even help cure some harmful problems. Below are just a few of the ways a weekly mowing schedule can keep your lawn healthy.

Weed Control

When your lawn stays at a uniform length, every single grass blade can absorb sunlight and nutrition equally. If your lawn is taking advantage of the nutrition found in the soil and the surrounding environment, that will result in less nutrients being available for weed growth. Additionally, if weeds are already present, keeping the grass at a healthy height will make those weeds easier to access and treat.

Stronger Grass

Every time your lawn is trimmed, the grass blades need to repair themselves in order to grow back. During the repairing process, weaker blades of grass will struggle to regrow, and only the strongest grass will continue to thrive. As the weak grass dies out, it will be replaced by strong, thick grass blades. This process repeats itself every single time your lawn is mowed. Eventually, through consistent weekly mowings, your lawn will be covered by only the lushest and strongest grass.

Less Pests

Bugs search for overgrown grass to call home. Tall grass coverage provides pests with protection from predators and the environment. Pests can still be found in properly maintained lawns, but the spread of the infestation will be greatly reduced by regular mowings because the bugs will have less coverage. By allowing your grass to go weeks at a time without getting cut, you are inviting all kinds of pests to set up camp in your yard. Not only will these pests destroy your grass, they can also jump onto pets and loved ones and cause them harm. Save your yard and your family from lawn pests by mowing every week!

Natural Fertilizer

Mowing the lawn leaves behind grass clippings that actually help fertilize the soil. Grass contains the same nutrients that are found in fertilizers, and leaving some clippings across the surface of your lawn is a great way to promote healthy grass growth and root development. However, when grass grows too tall, the clippings that are left behind after mowing are often too large to easily decompose, which can lead to the large clippings contributing to thatch buildup. If you make sure your grass gets trimmed regularly, you should see continuous improved health of your lawn.

Is An Overgrown Lawn Really That Bad?

Mowing an overgrown lawn in the sunlight

Yes. It really is.

Aside from just being plain ugly and unhealthy, overgrown lawns can hide hazardous objects that go undetected until someone gets injured by them. It is not uncommon for overgrown lawns to contain twigs, small branches, and rocks, not to mention any man-made obstructions, such as toys or tools. These objects can cause people to trip, fall, sprain an ankle, or worse.

Mowing over any hidden objects in an overgrown lawn is not ideal either. While some small organic materials could just be chewed up by the mower blade, any hard objects can cause damage to lawn mowers. Those objects that are not easily chewed up by the mower are even more dangerous. Mower blades will tear apart branches and whip around rocks (among other things) before shooting them off in any random direction. This can lead to broken windows, dented cars, and severe bodily injury.

Also, as previously mentioned, weeds and pests could be lurking in your lawn. When your grass becomes overgrown, it is very difficult to differentiate certain types of weeds from regular turfgrass. If you neglect weekly mowings, weeds could take over the majority of your lawn before you even realize it, and pest infestations could grow out of control.

The Bottom Line?

Weekly mowing is essential. Keeping your lawn at a healthy height is the best way to avoid so many harmful situations that can negatively affect both your lawn and your loved ones. Heartland Turf & Landscape can handle all of your lawn care needs, and the best way to start is by asking about our weekly lawn mowing service!