Overseeding Series - Step 3 - 10 days out

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Hello, all you kind and gentle folk out there. This is Sam Jackson with Heartland Turf and Landscape. And if you've been following along with me in this video series, you see me so far, let me turn around and show the area that we've been working on here. You've watched me prep this area. And then last video I seated I performed our full service overseeding on this left side here, and then hard to see my pink line, I need to repaint that, but there's a dividing line here. And then on our other side is our aeration and seed service. So it's been 10 days since we did these services, you can see some green starting to fill in. And of course, at this point, it still looks very thin and sparse. You can still see patches where some areas are not as thin as other areas. This is natural this is this is actually looking fantastic. These results so far, is what you want to see. So it's only 10 days in all these little individual blades of grass. Try to get in close here. They're only about an inch tall. So that's good for 10 days out, we've been keeping it watered three times a day, keeping it damp, but not flooded. And yeah, we're on track. So just wanted to update that will still keep our watering schedule going that we've got set up of three times a day for five to 10 minutes per zone or per area. And continue to water on that schedule until this fills in more. We're gonna wait until it's grown to about three and a half, four inches before we even walk on it or try to mow it or anything like that, which will usually take another couple of weeks but I'll be checking in on this on a weekly basis and continue to show the progress and we'll see how it goes. Thanks for checking out the video.

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