Expert explanation on how to check your lawn for Army Worm damage

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Hey everyone, it's Brett Jackson with Heartland Turf and Landscape. I want to do a follow-up video about a message that we sent out recently about armyworms and give you an update. What we found is they have finished their feeding cycle for right now. So if you've called us about that, asking us to look at your yard, we'll still come out and look at it to see if it was damaged that was done by armyworms. But they have finished doing their damage for now. And there's really no point in treating it that's at this moment. Now, what they have done is they've gone back underground and they're laying eggs. And those eggs can reemerge here in the next few days to a week. And they'll start feeding again, a second generation. Now the thing is, they don't really do a ton of damage when they're smaller caterpillars, most of the damage that they do in a yard is going to be towards the end of a two to three-week feeding period. So that's why what we see is a lot of yards go from pretty much looking healthy to wiped out and in a couple of days. It's because they just do, I do a lot of damage in the last three or four days of feeding before they get ready to lay eggs. So keep an eye on your yard. If you've had or you suspect that you've had armyworms in your yard, keep an eye on it. Unfortunately, we can't look at all of our customers yours every few days ourselves, we've got way too many and just to be making rounds to all of them every couple of days. So I highly recommend you really look at your yard mainly in the evening or the morning hours because they're not a big fan of the sun. Look in the areas where there's damage in surrounding that damaged area because they'll be moving into new areas at that point and see if you see any new worms. And if you do and you catch them early enough, then we can treat for them and wipe them out before they really do any significant damage to the yard. So if you have any questions about this or if you need help trading them, give us a call. We'd be glad to hear from you. Thanks so much.

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