Summer Watering

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Hey everyone, it's Brett Jackson with Heartland Turf and Landscape, I want to give you some tips on how to water your yard properly through these hot dog days of summer. Now, this is just my opinion, you're getting a lot of opinions about this. I think that my method is good for conserving water, keeping your lawn healthy, and reducing the chances of fungus through the season by watering less frequently. So I water what I do is I actually water for longer periods of time, I started out with about 45 minutes per zone, and three times a week and go from there, you can adjust up and down from there. But what that'll do, and actually water, what are your yard early in the morning, right before the sun comes up that way, it's not so windy, the sun's not gonna evaporate the water off. So it's gonna soak deeper into the ground and train the roots to chase after that water before it evaporates away, so you're getting a lot more efficiency out of your water. But it's also going to allow the yard to dry out in between waterings I'm sorry, not the yard is gonna allow the surface to dry out. Because the surface in this stays damp.

That's where fungus can start developing, which is a turf disease and it can damage the yard. So infrequent watering, but for longer durations will water deeper into the ground conserve water, it'll keep the yard healthy. Meaning when we do finally get some cooler temperatures, it'll bounce back and it'll be strong. Our cool-season grasses that we have in our area, like to go dormant No matter how much we water. Now you can water the snot out of your yard and keep it green. If that's what you really want, you're probably going to run into some funguses and possibly some other issues as well. I don't necessarily recommend it. If you absolutely have to have a golf course all season long, then you're probably going to need to water more than what I'm recommending.

If you want to keep your yard healthy, and disease-free and save money on water, start out with those less frequent times but water deeply you want the water to go deep into the ground. So 45 minutes. You know, it depends on what kind of sprinklers you have to if you've got the rotary kind, this is the ones that what I'm talking about is the ones that go back and forth. That's the 45 minutes per zone. If you have the fan type and a lot of yards we'll have both. But if you have the fan type, they just pop up and they spray a fan out onto the yard in the same spot. So they're watering the entire area for the whole time they're on those can usually be cut down by about half. So 20 minutes or so in those areas. But that's my guidance. If you have any questions about this, give us a shout. Thanks so much.

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