Lawn Watering Tips

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Hi, this is Sam Jackson with Heartland Turf and Landscape and I want to offer you some watering tips. It's early June right now, temperatures are warming up, we're going to start receiving less and less rain. And you're going to need to supplement Mother Nature with your irrigation system or watering your lawn. If you don't have an irrigation system you can get timers and and set up sprinklers throughout the lawn. But the tips here are a lot of people actually water frequently, but they're just watering you know 15 to 20 minutes per area. So all you're really doing is is soaking the first couple inches of the topsoil. This actually will discourage your grass from growing a deeper part of your root system. Because it it's always looking for the water at the surface of the topsoil. So the better watering system would be to actually water less frequently and deeper into the soil. So instead of watering 15 minutes per area every couple days, try watering 30 to 40 minutes per area once a week. That way, you're really kind of soaking the first, you know six to eight inches of soil and the grass will start developing deeper and deeper roots as it goes to penetrate the soil deeper and find that water deeper in the topsoil. So that's the main thing there. Deep watering is going to help your lawn it's going to create a much more healthy turf that can stand up to traffic. And yeah, it'll just give you great results overall. Alright, hope you found this tip helpful. Thanks bye

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