Protect your lawn from Army worms!

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Hey everyone, it's Brett Jackson with Heartland Turf and Landscape. Hey, right now we're seeing a lot of armyworm damage in lawns. This is a lawn that has some damage in it that we just treated so I don't have any live bugs to show you but these worms have come up from the south and they usually stay south of Kansas City, but this year, they're coming up and they're doing quite a bit of damage on a lot of yards. And it's vital to treat those worms as soon as possible to diagnose and usually what happens is your lawn will be pretty green one day and then a few days later, you'll have quite a bit of damage going on. So if you suspect that maybe you might have some worm damage, look at the yard and see if you can see any dark green or brown worms that are usually about an inch or two long. And if you see them crawling around, you've probably got some armyworm damage going on. It's vital, like I said, to treat those as soon as you can. And we can help with that. Call us right away and we can get you on the schedule to get out and treat those right away. Generally, after damage like that, if you water the yard, if the yard is in pretty healthy shape before the damage occurred, you can usually get the yard to come back. But a lot of times if there's other heat stress or disease going on in the yard, then you might have some lasting damage and might need to do some seeding which coincidentally we're coming up on that season as well. So if you did have some damage, at least it's not like something you can't repair this year you can actually get it fixed. So if you have any questions about this or if you need us to treat the yard, let us know. We'd be happy to help thanks so much.

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