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Hey everyone, it's Brett Jackson with heartland turf. It's hot out, and we're putting down summertime fertilizer. So I want to talk to you a little bit about that. As our cool-season grasses here in Kansas City encounter hot weather, they actually stress out a little bit, I mean, as you know, they can turn brown, and they get a little stress on him. That's because we have cool-season grasses, meaning the Blue Grass and fescue and rye that most of us grow here in Kansas City, like the cool weather, not the heat, kind of like some other warm-season grasses do. So they stress and one thing you can do that adds more stress to it is put down the wrong fertilizer. If you put down too much fertilizer onto a yard that's already stressed out, what it'll do is it'll, it'll make it want to grow. And really, it's trying to conserve energy. And try not to stress itself out even more. So if you're going to put a summertime fertilizer down yourself, you want to find at least 30% slow-release fertilizer, meaning it has a coating on some of the pellets that prevent it from just being rinsed or dissolved into the soil right away. As soon as you get the first rain. I would prefer that you find closer to a 50% we use a 100% with our fertilizer and it feeds all summer long, really slowly and gently to make sure that it stays green and healthy, but not shocking like some other fertilizers can. So if you're gonna do it yourself, find at least 30%. And even if you do that, I might even recommend that you put it down a little bit later than what the label says. If you do 30% or 50% is good. If you can't find at least 30% I would skip it. I would just completely skip it and wait until it cooled down in September so or call us. We can help you out. If you need any help with that, give us a call. Thanks

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