Why you may be seeing tire tracks after a summer mow

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Hey, it's Brett Jackson with Heartland Turf. I was just driving by this property. And it's not one of our properties, but I noticed that the tire tracks from the mowers have kind of taken a toll on this one. And it happens to all of us, everybody, every company that moves yards, we see this in the summertime about this time of year where the lawns are heat stressed, and more will come by, and basically can just push it over over the edge. happens even with yards that are properly watered, and completely healthy lawns it happens too. But good thing is, it never causes any severe long-term problems they'll have a long rebound assuming those are properly watered and maintained. And these tire tracks are just temporary. So if you ever see these in your yard, there's not really much to fear other than just a week or two of kind of unsightly tire tracks. Unfortunately

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