3 tips for a beautiful green lawn during the summer

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Hey everybody, it's Sam Jackson with Heartland Turf and Landscape here. And we are full swing into summer now. And a lot of us are ramping up our water, our irrigation systems, and our sprinklers trying to keep our lawns nice and green and prevent them from turning yellow. As the things the weather gets hot and dry, we're having temperatures in the 90s every day and very little rain. So here's an example here of a lawn that's struggling just a little bit with heat stress. Both of these lawns actually you can see got quite a bit of yellow in them. And so I've got a few tips that can help with getting the most out of your money when you're watering your lawn and trying to keep it nice and green. So first of all, mow as high as you possibly can Well, I should say, try to mow three and a half to four inches in height. A lot of push mowers, especially the smaller residential sizes, people tend to set those down lower around two to two and a half inches which gives you a cleaner a tighter cut I should say. But you're the grass is so short, you're not getting a lot of shade to the ground. When you cut it higher it shades the soil, which prevents the moisture that's in the soil from evaporating so quickly, so your grass actually benefits from that moisture longer. Another thing to do is don't water in the middle of the day when it's the afternoon and temperatures are at their highest for the day and it's breezy, you'll lose half if not more of the water that you're applying to the lawn to just evaporation into thin air so it didn't benefit the grass at all. The best thing to do and you don't want to water overnight either, because you can develop fungus if the lawn stays wet, especially in these hot, humid summer temperatures. If the lawns wet all night, then you'll possibly develop a fungus. So ideally, you want to water in the pre-dawn hours just a couple of hours before dawn. This way that as much of the water as possible is soaking into the soil, you're not losing it to evaporation while the sun's out. But it doesn't stay wet for long periods of time because the sun comes up in the morning. And it'll evaporate the moisture that's on the blades of grass themselves, but you're still retaining moisture in the soil. So those are the tips that really get the most bang for your buck. The other thing is less frequent. Deeper watering is way more beneficial than frequent shallow watering. So if you're trying to run your sprinklers every single day, but you're just running them and you know putting down maybe an inch of water just soaking the first inch of the soil several times a day. That actually encourages a very shallow root system which again, makes your lawn susceptible to disease. You want to encourage it nice deep root system. So really watering two to three times per week maximum, but watering longer during those watering periods, so it soaks further deeper into the soil that's much more beneficial to your turf. So that's one last thing to keep in mind. Yeah, I hope you find these tips helpful and hope they pay off for you and helps keep your long, long, lush, and green. Thanks so much for watching. Take care

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