Watering your lawn in Spring

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Hey again, everybody, it's Sam Jackson with Heartland Turf and Landscape. So we've come to the time of year that temperatures are starting to warm up a little bit, your lawns starting to wake up. And if you haven't already done it, you're thinking you're probably thinking it's time to mow the lawn for the first time of the year. Which by the way, if your neighbor's lawn greened up a few weeks earlier than your lawn did, don't worry, most likely your neighbor's got more blue grass in their lawn, which generally comes out of dormancy two to three weeks sooner than tall fescue lawns do so. Anyway, the what I was thinking is, we're probably also wondering, for those of us who have irrigation systems, you know, is it time to start watering the lawn, and if so, how much. So, really, from now until about mid June, you really shouldn't need to water the lawn unless we're kind of getting below average rainfall, our area generally receives, on average plenty of rain, to give the water the lawn all the water it needs through about mid June. And actually, if you're watering the lawn too much, you might be causing problems in the fact that your lawn likes to fully drain between each watering. So ideally, you want to water deeply into the soil with each watering six, eight inches down at least. But you also want that soil to drain and drain out as much as possible between waterings if you're watering on a more frequent basis, and the lawn is holding more water, just on a consistent basis, then there's oxygens not down able to get down into the roots of the system. So you'll suffocate the the roots to a certain extent. And not only that, but you are not promoting deeper root growth from your lawn which establishes a, you know a healthier root system, which helps it stay healthier through the hot dry summer months so we can get that moisture that's further down in the soil. So anyway, main point is the tip is here. Don't worry about watering until about early to mid June and you're going to do things you're going to help create a healthier lawn and you're gonna save yourself some money on a water bill. That's it. Thanks

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