Wait until Fall to seed!

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Hey, it's Brett Jackson with Heartland Turf. We get a lot of questions about seeding in the springtime, a lot of people want to seed and it makes sense to start thinking about your yard when the weather starts getting nice and the grass starts turning green, you want to plant flowers and seed your yard and get out in the yard and do some work. Unfortunately, spring is not the best time to seed fall is and here's kind of some of the reasons why. First of all, it interferes with your ability to put down a crabgrass pre emergent. So if you're trying to prevent the weeds in your yard from coming up, and you put down crabgrass pre emergent the the pre emergent actually kills crabgrass seeds, but it kills grass seed to sow, it really makes it tough to control those weeds during the season. Secondly, and this is a big one, especially if you don't have an irrigation system is it only gives a couple of months for the root system to really become established before the heat of the summer comes in the the hot dry weather comes which is the hardest time of the year on ones. So that's probably a big one. It's just making it through the summer with brand new grass in the fall time when you plant you actually get nine you get three seasons nine months of root establishment so you get nice deep roots before the next summer comes. Another big one that people don't really think about is if you verti-cut or aerate in the springtime and you seed what you're doing is you're opening up the lawn or opening up the ground really to accept that seed. But that's also when a lot of other weed seeds are blown around and can land in those slots that you're opening up to get their grass seed into. So you'll end up with a yard full of weeds if you do that. So we recommend definitely waiting to the fall if you absolutely can to seed your yard, you'll have a lot better results, your yard will look better, you'll be glad you waited. Now if you are okay with some weeds, and you're gonna water the heck out of your yard and you just can't tolerate having a wet muddy yard per se for instance, then you can possibly try to get some seeding done in the springtime. It's just there's a lot of downfalls that you have to deal with. So I wanted to make you aware of that and keep that keep that in mind if you want to do some spring seeding. Thanks so much

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