Vegetable Gardening Tips

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Hey folks, Sam Jackson with Heartland Turf and Landscape here. And I've got some seedlings out because I'm hardening the moth and we'll show you get some tomato and cucumber and cantaloupe and peppers I planted a few weeks ago and in the process of hardening them off to get ready to plant them outdoors. So it seems like we're safely past the last frost, we've gotten a little bit above average temperatures coming up. So usually the first of May is when you can assume it's pretty safe to plant your stuff outdoors. So anyway, I'm getting ready to do some of that this weekend. And I had some valuable resources, really informational stuff from the people over at the K state Research and Extension office that has some great information about planting vegetables and gardens in our area and I thought I'd pass that on. So check out the links here in the descriptions for some great info. Thanks

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