This mulch is a lawn changer

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Hey folks, this is Sam Jackson with heartland turf and landscape, we've got a beautiful day here to start our March off. I think it's gonna be in the Upper 60s and sunny and I love it. But we got our first couple deliveries of mulch of the season. We actually during the offseason, this year, partnered with a regional mulch supplier to come up with our own special blend that they're making just for us, we think it's gonna be a product that's really superior to most of the other mulches you're going to find available in your home and garden centers and so forth. It's 100% hardwood mulch, it's mostly red, and white oak. So it's a nice hardwood. And it's a chip mulch, it actually comes straight from lumber mills throughout the Missouri region. And I'll turn the camera around here. As you can see, it's a nice large chip, a lot of places they will actually send, they'll take this exact same product. But before they dye it and sell to the public, they actually run it through a grinder, and they'll grind it up even finer than this. If you can see here. These are nice, large chips, so they're gonna stay in place, they don't decompose nearly as fast, they're gonna hold their color a lot longer, your beds are going to be looking a lot better for a lot longer with this mulch that we have. And as you can see, this is just the tip of the iceberg. We've got a whole bunch of it ready to go down here in the next several days and there'll be more to come. A couple of great things about doing a fresh top dressing mulch on all your flower beds and ornamental areas. At the beginning of the spring, you're going to really make those beds pop, especially when you get them cleaned up and everything starts blooming. But not only that, it's going to help suppress weeds in those beds to help keep those beds looking cleaner and fresher longer. And overall, it's really just going to make your property look beautiful. So anyway, I'm excited about this. That's my little tip for the day. Start thinking about getting those beds nice and cleaned up and ready for spring because springs coming, finally!

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