These are not weeds!

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Hey folks, this is Sam Jackson with Heartland Turf and Landscape and I just noticed something here in the grass around our shop and reminded me that it's a great tip I can pass on. So each year around this time, we'll always get calls people asking about, I'll turn the camera around here, see if you can see this. So you can see these little seed stocks here starting to show up in the grass. So these will come on, if I can get the focus. During this whole month of May, these seed stocks are going to start shooting up out of your grass, and they're going to be taller than your grass so it's going to look like weeds. So again, let's see maybe if I can get it to the side here. These little seed stocks right here, that's nothing to worry about. That's the part natural part of the lifecycle of the grass, so don't worry about needing to spray for weeds or anything. There's nothing that you can do to prevent this. And like I said, it's part of the grasses natural life cycle. So there's not something that you want to do to prevent it. You want to just let it go through its natural cycle. And for a few weeks, you're gonna have those seeds doc showing up in your lawn. But after two or three, four Mo's, they'll stop producing those and the lawn will look normal again. So that's my tip for the day. Don't worry about these seed stocks. They're perfectly fine, Thanks

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