Roses are all in the timing and technique

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Hey everyone, it's Brett Jackson with Heartland Turf and Landscape trimming rose shrubs. It seems to confuse a lot of people when really it shouldn't. Really, it just comes down to timing and a couple techniques that I can show you right here. The most common type of rose shrub, at least in our area is going to be the knockout rose. And here's some that we've we've trimmed up just a few minutes ago, we've got these down to about two feet. And that's pretty good for these particular ones that we trimmed. They were getting kind of big for the area they were in. We really wanted to kind of reduce their size and the roses can tolerate that they're fine with being trimmed down to this size. So one step that we have left to do is roses have a tendency to have little branches died back like this. And what you want to do is get some good leather gloves. Get in there with some pruners and just trim them out. There's only a few of them. There's not a whole lot, sometimes they don't have any, but usually you're gonna find a couple. And that can hinder the growth and really kind of, it'll make it look ugly because the leaves will start coming on the rest of the branches but not on the dead ones. So that's normal for roses to need some pruning like that. And you do it. We're in early March right now, which is fine. You just want to trim them before the leaves Come on. So once you get those taken care of, they're usually good for the rest of the year. If you need to, you can trim them one more time, but otherwise it's usually pretty good. Thanks so much.

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