Proper watering after lawn seeding in Kansas City, Leawood and Overland Park

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Hey everyone. Brett Jackson here with Heartland Turf. I wanted to give you some quick instructions on how to water the yard after we’ve seeded or renovated. Any time that we seed the yard, it’s critical that we water properly to get great results. Here are some basics for proper watering after seeding. 

In the beginning, we need to keep the surface damp constantly. If that seed begins to germinate and grow, and then it dries out, then it can easily kill it. It’s really susceptible to dying at that point, so we can’t allow it to dry out after we’ve begun watering.

Here are some basic guidelines: we recommend is watering three times a day, and generally only for about seven or eight minutes per zone. Water at 9am, 2pm, and 6pm.  If you’ve got some areas of the yard that stays a little more wet, or an area of the yard that has more sunlight and more wind kind of coming through, then you might need to adjust these times up or down to achieve constant dampness, but that’s what you’re going for. If you go at any point during the day, and the yard isn’t damp, then you definitely need to turn up the times. If you go out and maybe there’s areas with puddles, then you can turn the times down a little bit, but don’t adjust the number of times you water each day. 

After we’ve seeded the yard, you want begin that program for about three weeks. After the three week point, you can cut it back, maybe to once or twice a day. It will depend on what the weather’s doing at that time, but we still need to keep it fairly damp. Don’t want it to dry out, pretty much till the yard goes dormant. At some point you can cut it back again to maybe one time a day, just before the yard goes dormant for the fall. If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to call us.

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