Out with the old and in with the new

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Hey everybody, this is Sam Jackson with Heartland Turf and Landscape and I've got some ornamental grasses that I planted last year. it's time now, we're in mid March, we should cut all the old growth from last season so the new growth from the season can come through. And, as you can see, I've got mine kind of bundled up and taped with some duct tape, I like to do that it makes the cleanup process a lot easier. If you've got a larger Pampas grass or ornamental grasses, some of those get really big around, you can get like a loading strap or one of those straps that you can cinch down, wrap it around the whole thing, cinch it down real tight before you cut it. And that holds all that stuff together makes it way easier to clean up. And then last thing, just want to try to make sure you cut it off as level as you can about eight to 12 inches from the ground. So we'll see what that looks like.

Okay, so that's pretty much it. You can take the hedge trimmers and just kind of trim up around the outsides to to get some of this other material, just the scraggly stuff, but that's pretty much it now it's ready for a whole new seasons of beautiful Brooklyn.

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