Keep bugs OUT of your home

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Hey, it's Brent Jackson with Heartland Turf and Landscape. This is a time of year that bugs are starting to make their way inside your home. And what you can do to keep those out is to put down a home insect barrier, you can go to the hardware store you can actually buy a lot of times it'll be called home defense or something like that. But what I would recommend that you do is not use the little one that comes with that, use a hand can or a backpack sprayer and spray up your foundation, four feet up or so and about four feet out or actually the farther out the better, but at least four feet. And that'll help keep ants, cockroaches, beetles, other insects from getting inside your home. You can also help eliminate spiders because it's eliminating their food source. But this is something that we do. If you need help with that we've got a backpack fogger that really allows us to get into all very every little nook and cranny. But if you're gonna do it yourself, just make sure you get up the foundation and out away from it as well. Thanks so much

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