Do NOT ruin your lawnmower

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Hi, this is Brett Jackson with Heartland Turf and landscape. I want to give you some tips on winterizing your lawnmower if you haven't done it already, because it can actually help you next season, firing it up without any problems and just maintaining it well, so the first thing you want to do is get some fuel stabilizer that treated it's treated treats ethanol is formulated for gasoline with ethanol in it. And what you do is you stick it pour a little bit in according to the directions, fire it up. Let the machine run for about five to 10 minutes to work that gets through in this time of year here, even in February. It's not too late to do that. And you still got time to get it done. So I wouldn't be having done that.

Next couple of things, smaller things you can do is check the air filter. This one on this mower is right here. It's pretty dirty. I'm gonna be changing this later. Got a new one that'll all slip on there. It's not hard at all. I have already changed the oil on this. That's something you can do usually once a year is pretty good. If you got a small yard you might be able to get two years out of the oil change. But once a year is pretty standard. Now the last thing that you'll want to do, this is a good time of year to do it is sharpen the mower blade. I'll show you how to take more blade off and get them sharpened. First things you want to tilt it outside make sure that you have the air filter up if you don't sometimes guests can pour out of there.

On most lawn mowers like this, you can find a place to put a block in here like this. It'll stop the blade from turning
off pretty simple. You can take the lawnmower blade to most hardware, a lot of hardware stores, or anywhere that sells lawnmowers like lawn mower lawn supply stores, one that I'm thinking of would be Smithies there in a way to Anyways, this blade is kind of dull, definitely needs to be sharpened. So I'll do that. Put it back on. For an average-sized yard, roughly 10,000 square feet or less, you can probably get about half of the season from a sharpened blade. So midway through the season, give it a sharpen, you'll be good for the rest of the year. I'll put this sharpen this up and put it back on the same way I took it off with this block of wood. And after that, I'm done.

Oh, I'm sorry, one last thing you can do while you've got this tilted back here like this. This mower is fairly clean. But if you've got a lot of grass caked up underneath here, now's a great time to scrape it off. Then I'll actually give if you got a bagger it'll help it bag the grass. Or if you're mulching the grass will actually help chop that up those pieces of clumping. That's it. If you have any questions or if you'd like some help, please feel free to give us a call. Thanks so much

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