Do NOT let your leaves hurt your lawn

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Hi, it's projects with heartland turf. I'm working from my home office today. And as I'm looking out my window here, I'm seeing a good bit of rain today. And what that makes me think of right now this time of year is when we have a lot of leaves on the ground, it actually helps those leaves form kind of thick mat on top of the grass, and can actually smother grass, especially new grass. So if you see it this fall, this is the time of year, or I mean, in the falls when you want to pick up the leaves, but especially now that we're getting this rain, in combination with a good layer of leaves can actually kind of smother the grass in time. It's not something that's going to happen overnight. But it is something that once we start getting rain on top of those leaves, it'll create a layer of math essentially, that will smother out grass, existing grass, but especially new grass. So if you if you can get those leaves up. If you need help with that, feel free to just give us a call. Thanks so much

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