#1 mistake when using weed and feed

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This is Sam Jackson with Heartland Turf and Landscape again. And I'm in our neighborhood's big box home improvement store here. And they of course have their home and garden center. And one of the most common things I hear, that's my daughter Lila trying to get in the video. One of the most common mistakes that our customers make, when it comes they, they'll they'll use some of these this redone feed kind of product, steak, you know, weed and feed and fertilizer, we control often hear that I use those, I use those things. But I still have weeds and why isn't it working. So the most common mistake that people make is that the weed killer part of the product actually needs to be absorbed through the leaves of the plants and to be absorbed the leaves then the surface of the dandelions or the clover or whatever it is you're trying to kill needs to be damp before you apply this product because the product needs to be dissolved on to the surface of the plant for it to take effect. So if you buy a bag of this stuff, and you put it in your spreader and you spread it on your lawn, and it doesn't dissolve into onto the surface of the plants, right as soon as you put it down, then it's going to get blown off of the leaves or it's going to get washed off when it rains and when it dissolves, it's going to be dissolving down into the ground rather than on the surface of the plant. So if you're going to use again, here, some of these products, the wheat and feeds, make sure you follow the instructions and make sure you water the lawn to where it's just slightly damp before you apply this product. And you're gonna hear results when you do that. So that's my tip of the day.

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