Lawn Renovation

Lawn RenovationThe best maintenance practices can’t help a lawn that has developed a lot of thin and bare areas. Lawn renovation is hands down the BEST way to improve a lawn!

Our all-inclusive seeding and aeration service provides everything you need to achieve a beautiful lawn, including:

  1. Verticutting the lawn twice in alternating directions.This machine cuts shallow slices in the soil so the seed can fall below the surface.  Just as you would plant any other seed, grass seed needs to be blow the surface to germinate.
  2. Aeration. Aeration improves soil quality by loosening packed dirt, breaking up thatch, and allowing water and nutrients to reach the root system of your lawn. Your lawn is only as good as the soil its growing in, and this is a great way to maintain soil quality.
  3. Attention to the details. We use hand tools to work seed into the soil along edges, corners, and other areas our machine cannot reach. This attention to detail makes a big difference in the final result.
  4. Generously applying seed.We use a 100% fescue blend seed that is resistant to heat, drought, and disease. For lawns with a lot of shade, we can use a seed blend that’s more shade tolerant.
  5. Starter fertilizer. We apply a specially blended fertilizer designed to quickly establish new grass. It promotes root growth, lush green grass, and a beautiful lawn within weeks.
  6. Easy to follow watering instructions. After we’ve seeded your lawn, it’s critical to water properly. We’ll provide you with foolproof instructions on how the get the new seed growing fast and proper watering throughout the fall.