Outstanding Lawn Care in Olathe KS

Lawn Care Olathe KSHeartland Turf & Landscape is the top choice of lawn care service provider for discerning customers in Olathe KS and the surrounding areas. Why should you choose to hire us to take care of your lawn? Because, not only do we know all about the science of lawn care; Olathe KS and its specific conditions are also a topic about which we’re informed. Heartland Turf & Landscape is a company based in Leawood, KS, founded years ago, which offers a custom lawn care program, developed in partnership with the top professionals around. We cater to the needs of the most demanding clients because we know that each lawn and landscape is unique. That’s why our treatments are always preceded by a personal evaluation of your property. This initial assessment seeks to identify the turf’s conditions for growth, its level of exposure to water, natural light, and shade, as well as the types of grass and other plants you’ve got growing on your property.

We then proceed to recommend a customized lawn care plan, which can also include fertilization and weed control. Since all our services are provided under the guidance of an expert technician, you can be sure they are top quality. To boot, we fertilize with the aid of equipment that feeds your lawn the essential nutrients they need in order to thrive. This kind of targeted treatment works in conjunction with our monitoring system. We train our staff to perform monitoring during regularly scheduled service calls, because we want to make sure we’re achieving optimal results.

We know good lawn care, Olathe KS

Our staff is also regularly updated on the industry’s best practice standards and the latest in turf management techniques. They operate specialized equipment, which helps feed the essential nutrients your plants need, in order to thrive. Bear in mind that we encourage a sustainable approach to lawn care and so only employ the best grass seed blends available on the market, as well as entirely safe substance compounds for weed control and fertilization. We want your lawn to be beautiful and healthy for the long-term and favor this perspective in our approach to lawn care.

Give us a call today, to schedule your initial assessment – we promise you won’t be disappointed. Our satisfaction guarantee ensures you’ll receive a free re-treatment, should you not be fully satisfied with our work.