Exceptional Lawn Care in Leawood KS

Lawn Care Leawood KSWhat does it take to make lawn care in Leawood KS truly exceptional? We, at Heartland Turf & Landscape have the answer to that question – and, what’s more, we pride ourselves with attracting demanding, exigent clients who know just what they want from their lawns and landscape. They want them to look the best way possible throughout the year and become the envy of the entire neighborhood. We can deliver on that wish and make it come true, because, when it comes to great lawn care, Leawood is one of the areas in Kansas that we service. We are a locally owned company, based in Leawood, whose weed control and lawn maintenance plans are founded on the exact science of agronomy. Together with experts, we have developed programs that take into account the specific conditions of lawns in the local area. Throughout the years, we have honed them as to deliver optimal results, adapted to the needs of the contemporary market.

If your lawn requires flower bed weed control, aeration, or overseeding, you can count on us to deliver. Not only are our programs based on conditions for plant growth, exposure to water, shade, and natural sunlight, as well as species of plants and soil types, but they are also personalized. We only recommend following a specific lawn maintenance program after one of our teams performs an assessment of your Leawood property. All our treatments are undertaken with the support and supervision of a highly experienced professional, and with expertise in horticulture management.

For great lawn care, Leawood KS homeowners only need to call Heartland Turf & Landscape

When determining your lawn care needs, we also make sure to spot any diseases, insects, or weeds that might be affecting your landscape. Our technicians have been especially trained to accurately diagnose any potential issues and treat them in due time, before they can come to cause extensive damage to your landscape materials. Aside from lawn, shrub & hedge care, we also provide lawn renovation services. Our staff is trained in the latest turf management concepts, we utilize essential nutrients and safe, sustainable compounds, as well as the best commercially available grass seed blends. We train our personnel to routinely monitor the effects of our treatments and apply re-treatment as the case may be. Should you be at all unhappy with our work, know that it comes with a satisfaction guarantee, which we can re-treat your lawn accordingly, entirely free of charge.