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Happy Customers

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of our happy customers had to say about us:

Audra McMahon
George Brooks
Brant Myers
Craig Loo
Gordon Snyder
Susan Phipps
We love the employees at Heartland Turf! Because of the beautiful mulch, and excellent fertilizer and mowing/edging we are constantly told our yard is gorgeous. Brett and employees are always on schedule and very professional. In addition, the service is very affordable. Highly recommend!!
Cindy Eckert
Affordable, reliable and professional quality. I would definitely recommend this company.
Lindsay Heyer
If you want your yard to be the envy of the neighborhood, these are the guys to call. We have been using them for several years. We used them at our old house and continued their services at our current house. We couldn't be more pleased. They are courteous, dependable, honest and professional.
Heather B
Great customer service and my lawn never looked so good!
Gordon Snyder
We all have experienced the highs and lows of landscaping services. As I reflect back on my own experiences over the decades, the service was always spotty, got more and more expensive over time, and often lacked the professionalism that should have come with the services.

We switched to Heartland a number of years ago; and, voila, the services were done on time -- very well done by the way -- and at a reasonable and fair cost. And we have been alerted to issues we needed to address in a similarly timely manner.It is all one can ask for.

We have been impressed by everything Heartland has done for us. We are very pleased to be their client and endorse them fully.
Dave DeWalt
We've been using Heartland for 5+ years and have been 100% satisfied with their services and pricing. Made the switch based on poor services from their competitors...we've tried many over the years. Have personally recommended them to friends, family and neighbors. It's been a fantastic experience dealing with a local company that actually cares about their products and services.
Benjamin Lawn & Landscape
Great guys, quality work. They are my go-to guys for lawn work south of I-435.
Natalya Bailey
I began using Heartland two years ago for lawn treatments. They have done a fantastic job. Brett and his team are very knowledgeable and know how to make a lawn look great at a great price. When I do need to call them, the customer service is outstanding. I've used several treatment companies since moving into my home in 2001, but haven’t been pleased with them. Either the quality was poor, customer service was poor, they were very expensive, or all three! Heartland is the right fit for me. I highly recommend them.
Jeannine B
I have been using Heartland Turf for 8 years and have the prettiest lawn on the block! They do my lawn mowing, weed control applications, leaf removal- pretty much everything to do with my lawn. Always on time- Extremely reasonable pricing; always keeps me informed on any changes and any special offers. Would recommend them to anyone!
Cassie Myers
Brett and Sam have been taking care of our lawn since the Summer of 2000, and we have been satisfied customers of Heartland Turf and Landscape ever since! Great service! Reliable company! Highly recommended!!
Jeanne Eastman
I contacted Heartland after a poor experience with another major landscaping/yard care company in the area. Brett came right out and we walked through the issues I had with my lawn, and in particular, the damage caused by "Brand X". They're great at pest control... had terrible chigger problem in our yard; they came out and sprayed and problem gone. Heartland has been easy to work with, thorough, efficient, and above all, caring and responsive to my questions or concerns. I usually get a return call from owner Brett Jackson, regardless of how innocuous my questions may be. I'm very happy with Heartland and plan to stay with them indefinitely for all of my landscaping and yard care needs... highly recommend them!
Erik Smith
Great, proactive service. Brett works hard to anticipate your needs, whether it be grub control, soil enhancer, fertilizer or moisture control. Good looking lawn at an affordable price.
Audra McMahon
Hi. My name is Audra McMahon am a client at the Heartland Turf and Landscape. Let me tell you how easy they make it on me. I'm prompted to send this message because I just got a receipt saying, "Hey, we went ahead and did your spring treatment. Don't worry about your yard. Everything's looking good. We're on schedule to start mowing here."

They just make it automatic. Everything looks good all the time. They clean up. I know that they're there because my yard is consistently beautiful, green, and well-maintained. For this lady who is a single mom and business owner, and I don't take the time to do anything outside. They handle everything for me. I couldn't be more pleased. Thanks, Sam and Brett. I appreciate you.
Gordon Snyder
Hi, my name is Gordon Snyder. Just here to give a little plug for Heartland Lawn and Turf. You say what's so big deal about cutting grass, whatever? The answer is you want someone to show up when they say they're going to show up. You want them to do a great job. You want them to be dependable. You want them to do clean up. Heartland Turf guys do all of that, and they're a great value. I heartily endorse them.
George Brooks
Hey, guys. This is George. I want to give props real quick to my friends, Brett over at Heartland Landscape and Turf. Moved into my house about a year ago now. The previous owners had giant dogs that ripped up the backyard and total weeds came in behind that. Brett and his team showed up, reseeded, aerated, did all that stuff that they do and have kept my yard looking awesome. It's been my dream to own a home with a perfect yard, and I am just about there. Props to those guys, and I hope that they keep up the good work. If you're looking for a person to help you out with getting the perfect yard, definitely reach out to Brett and his team.
Craig Loo
Hi, my name is Craig Loo and this is a quick testimonial for Heartland Turf and Landscape. I've been using Heartland for close to 2 years now, and I am extremely satisfied with their services. Not only does my lawn look green and beautiful, but more than that I'm just really impressed with the customer service. Anytime I have a question for them or any concern they are quick to get back to me. If I have a question about a job that I want done or any future work to be done they give all the information that I could possible need, which let's me know that they know what they're doing, they know what they're talking about.

I know that there's quite a few lawn companies out there that they just basically they cut your grass that's pretty much it, but not these guys. Just want to give them a quick shout out and helpfully this helps you make your decision in the future.